Wisecomm is connected with top tier carriers in all major European Countries and USA. It has powerful IP backbone; extensive solutions provide our customers with a commanding presence in the worldwide service provider marketplace.

Wisecomm is proud to associate closely with local public carriers in order to provide valuable services and utilities to all the valuable customers in a committed and integrated manner.

Following are the most prominent carriers which are dealing with Wisecomm very proudly

3U Telecom Affinity Telecom COLT
Epsilon Telecom Elitel grupalia
iBasis Primus Reach Telecom
Singtel Telstra Tiscali
TeliaSonera Teleglobe Uni2 Telecom
Versatel Voice@net Wavecrest
3U Telecom

In recent years, 3U TELECOM AG has developed into a successful provider for the telecommunications market. The Marburg-based company, which has been listed on the stock exchange since 1999, is an efficient fixed-line network service provider, boasting its own carrier network and state-of-the-art switching technology. The company is characterised by its low-cost pre-selection packages, attractive price structures for national and international call-by-call services via the 01078 (3U TELECOM), 01086 (OneTel) and 01053 (fon4U) codes, and its innovative DSL and Internet telephony (VoIP) offering. 3U TELECOM AG is also active as a carrier network operator with its own telephone network in several European countries and the USA.


Affinity Telecom

Affinity Telecom is an international telecommunications broker that provides phone services around the world at a fraction of what most people currently pay. Together with our global carrier Telegroup, a division of Primus Telecommunications Inc, Affinity Telecom can offer a wide portfolio of services, and give freedom to make calls from almost any country to anywhere in the world for very low prices. A private user or a business owner can take control over their telephone costs and by-pass the expensive rates often charged by the local/national telephone companies.



COLT is the leading provider of high bandwidth, voice, data and advanced telecommunications solutions to business and government customers in Europe. It operate advanced metropolitan area networks in all the major business centres in Europe, linked by its fully owned and managed IP network, the COLT EuroLAN COLT is the only business communications provider to offer world class Internet, delivered locally, right across Europe. Its unrivalled portfolio of Internet and Data Centre Solutions is delivered from a comprehensive network of 11 Internet Solutions Centres(COLT ISCs). It consistently out-perform its competitors in terms of innovation, customer commitment and the reliability and value. Its success is based on a practical, straight.forward approach to business communications. COLT is listed on the London Stock Exchange (CTM.L) and NASDAQ (COLT) in the USA.





  Epsilon Telecom

It's no secret that Epsilon's unprecedented leadership and industry recognition are the result of building marketing solutions around specific customer needs and surrounding those solutions with the industry's best people to service their clients.

With more than three decades of industry knowledge and experience behind, Epsilon is ready, willing and able to serve every marketing need. In fact Epsilon's executive team of industry thought leaders reads like a who's who in the marketing services industry.



  Elitel Telecom

Elitel Telecom S.p.A. is the holding of Elitel Group. Elitel Group is an independent Italian Telecommunication operator providing innovative communications services and broadband access for business and consumer applications.

Elitel has become the number one as alternative provider for Small and Medium Enterprises and Soho and it has been the first mover in Italy in Voice over Ip(VOIP) services. Elitel Group operates through Strategic Business Units, each of them focused on services for different markets.


  Grupalia Telecom

Whether your needs encompass broadband, voice, data or multimedia communications -- readily accessible audio-, video- or Web-conferencing -- Grupalia Telecom connects enterprises, governments, institutions -- even entire markets -- quickly and easily.If you need to communicate, Grupalia Telecom can get your message where it's going using the platform that best meets your application requirements: DWDM, SONET/SDH, multi-service ATM and/or IP. Whether you're a carrier in need of capacity, or an enterprise looking for network transport or value-added services, you can depend on Grupalia Telecom.



iBasis Telecom

Basis is a leading carrier of international long distance telephone calls and provider of retail prepaid calling cards sold online and through retail stores throughout the U.S.

Founded in 1996, iBasis (NASDAQ: IBAS) is one of the largest carriers of international voice traffic in the world and a leading provider of prepaid calling services.



Primus Telecom

Established in 1994, the group’s operations are located in every major financial market, which gives a network that provides direct connections and flexible routing worldwide.

Primus is the econd largest alternative provider in Canada, the third largest ISP in Australia and a leading European carrier. Their clients include large corporations as well as many small and medium-sized enterprises.



Reach Telecom
Reach is a service provided by Caudwell Communications Ltd, part of the Caudwell Group. It is one of Europe's largest independent communications organisations and a signatory to Ofcom, the regulatory body of the Telecommunications Industry. Other companies within The Caudwell Group include Phones4u, The Mobile Phone Repair Company and Dextra Solutions.




SingTel is Asia's leading communications group operations and investments in more than 20 countries and territories around the world. Serving both the corporate and consumer markets, the SingTel Group is committed to bringing the best of global communications to customers in the Asia Pacific and beyond.



Telstra Telecom

Telstra is a world leading telecommunications company and they are also one of the largest players in the UK business markets with over 10,000 clients. Telstra is the only company in the UK to offer you a true one-stop-shop for the wide array of telecom services your business needs, including the latest revolutionary convergence services. Naturally, they are offering Voice, Internet Access, Managed Networks, Co-location and Hosting and many other core services that you probably rely on every day.




Tiscali is big communication and Telecom Company with existence in big European countries. It has big infrastructure with majority of clients in all over the Europe.




TeliaSonera is the leading telecommunications company in the Nordic and Baltic region and also holds strong positions in mobile communications in Eurasia, Turkey and Russia.

TeliaSonera offer reliable, innovative and easy-to-use services for the transmission and packaging of sound, images, data, information, transactions and entertainment.




Teleglobe (TLGB) is one of the world's leading wholesale providers of international telecommunications services, including voice, data and IP, and mobile signaling services.

Teleglobe owns and operates one of the world's most extensive global telecommunications networks, providing reach to over 240 countries and territories with advanced voice, data and mobile signaling capabilities. Teleglobe has over 250 direct and bilateral relations with leading voice carriers, ownership in over 100 subsea and terrestrial cable systems and is one of the largest providers of satellite capacity connecting the Internet. Uniquely positioned as a carrier's carrier, Teleglobe has a solid portfolio of international telecommunications services.



  Uni2 Telecom

Uni2 is big spainish telecom carrier with large number of customers and clietns. It is providing all kind of telecommunication services within the europ and other region of the world.



Versatel is Germany Company which is providing internet, phone and entertainment services. It is carrier and interconnected with many other carriers. It is big DSL and ISDN provider in local market. Versatel is growing company and its progress is increasing day by day in telecommunication industry.




VOICENET S.A, the provider of IP telecom services and infrastructure with the trademark VOICENET was created in June 2002 when OTEnet acquired a 80% stake is Southgate Communications Hellas S.A (which was initially founded in 1998). Voice@net's main activity is the provisioning of voice services using Internet technologies and the development, administration, exploitation and maintenance of IP telecom infrastructures.




WaveCrest is a global communications service provider offering wholesale and retail telephony services using conventional circuit-switched and Internet protocol (IP) telephony.

WaveCrest is a global voice services provider in both the retail and wholesale telecommunications area. They are a highly focused organisation with a unique one-product offering, voice and aim is to deliver world class voice services to the residential, pre-paid calling card and wholesale carrier markets.


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